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Welcome to Furever Dachshund Rescue!
165 Deer Path Stonyford, RI 95979

Foster Volunteer - What Does It Mean?


Apply To Be A Foster Parent

Fostering is a way for a dachshund to have a safe environment where it can learn to trust again, to heal and to learn how to become a loving pet. Many of the dachshunds that we pull from shelters or receive from an owner surrender just need a temporary home until their new furever home can be found. 

It is the responsibility of the foster parent to provide the dachshund(s) with food, monthly heartworm preventative, monthly flea/tick medication, training and care. 

The rescue will provide a handbook on all policy and procedures, pay for all vetting care (as outlined in the handbook), education and support.





Fostering dachshunds is an extremely rewarding experience. As a foster member, you should be aware of some predispositions that this breed has.

Purebred dachshunds can have a predisposition to back problems, especially if they are active and are allowed to jump on and off furniture or climb stairs. Many back injuries can make them incontinent and/or unable to walk and can occur at any age. The cost of veterinary services for these types of back injuries can run in the thousands and include much attention and care at home.

Weight gain and house training problems are also very common with the dachshund breed. It is extremely important that your foster dog is fed the appropriate amount of food to maintain his/her health and agility. Excess weight gain contributes to back problems.

While fostering dachshunds is a great experience, we don't recommend families with young children to become fosters of this breed unless the adults have prior experience with dachshunds.

If you would like to foster please complete a foster application or if you have questions contact the Chair at


***FDR always appreciates experienced dachshund fosters and owners but we need your commitment to our rescue.  If you currently foster for another dachshund rescue , you will not be able to foster for two same breed rescues.  This is a conflict of interest and you will have to step down from any other same breed rescues that you currently foster for before you receive a foster dachshund from Furever Dachshund Rescue (FDR). This also enables us to maintain relationships with other dachshund rescues. If you have questions, please contact the Chair at

Apply To Be A Foster Parent


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