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Welcome to Furever Dachshund Rescue!
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Home Visits
What Are They & How Can You Help?

Homevisits are a very important part of the adoption process for each of our furbabies at Furever Dachshund Rescue.

FDR is recruiting volunteers to help us conduct homevisits throughout the United States.

What is a homevisit?
Homevisits are when a verified homevisit helper goes to a home of a potential adopter and looks over the home to see where the dachshund will be living, playing, sleeping and exercising.

When do I conduct a homevisit?
The request comes from Furever Dachshund Rescue. If you live in the area or close to the area where a homevisit is needed, then you sign up. You will then receive the contact information of the potential adopter/foster so that you can contact them to set up a day and time that works best for everyone. You will also receive a form that guides you throught a homevisit (what to look for, questions to ask, etc.)

How long does a homevisit take?
A homevisit can take between 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on the adopter, where they are located, questions they ask and how many you ask.

How do I become a Verified Homevisit Helper?
You can send an e-mail to stating you would like to help. We may not have a visit in your area at this time but when we do, we will send you an e-mail and if you are available, you let us know. If you are not available, just wait until the next opportunity!

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